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episode two update and Musician Calling!!

2010-07-21 11:25:08 by GenericoNewsTeam

Have just about half of the finals finished
progress has been slow due to exams and some other stuff
we got the brilliant touketsu to do some voice acting for us and we got the brilliant KKSlider60,
thats pretty much it
-Generico News Team saying goodnight
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episode two update and Musician Calling!!

Episode 2 Update

2010-05-21 03:48:15 by GenericoNewsTeam

Script has been finalised. We are now voice acting although our mics aren't very good so the quality is quite bad, but we're hoping to re record later before uploading so it's better quality. The storyboard is done, the Animation will be a lot longer than the previous episode and the animation and art will be better.

That's All


2010-05-09 14:17:48 by GenericoNewsTeam 65574
this is the script for episode 2 post any ideas you may have in the post !
thank you

Episode 1 Released

2010-04-17 03:25:50 by GenericoNewsTeam

Steve Reporting,
Generico's first episode is released. This is a series of random comedy based around a news team. The second episode will be a lot more defined.

Episode 1

Everybody involved:

Episode 1 Released


2010-03-23 19:35:20 by GenericoNewsTeam

Bob reporting,

Generico News Team launched it's NG account on 23/3/10. A collaboration account of FlasHero and Flunkedy. We should have our first pilot episode of generico news soon, so check for updates!

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